Content Overview



Assignments unravel over the course of the semester and are an opportunity to put the ideas/concepts/skills discussed in class into action. Students will complete three interconnected projects.
Reading/Viewing Assignments Weekly reading assignments with viewing of related resources are required for class participation, blog discussions and to complete the projects effectively.
Discussion Blogs


Regular blog discussions related to the covered topics are promoted in this class. You are expected to look at the daily news and / or researching books or other resources related to the subject in addition to the resources offered in the course website.

The blog will be reviewed and graded according to content adequacy and research involved. Blogs should be reflective of the understanding of the material presented in the lectures and readings.

Each blog should be between no less than 100 and no more than 400 words and required to have at least 2 embedded images and/or videos, 3 sources/links each and citation of the resources.

Blog posts will be evaluated on:

  • use of language;
  • quality/depth of the response;
  • demonstrated understanding of the blog platform;
  • “clean” code;
  • demonstrated understanding of course concepts and course readings (provide evidence that you have read!);
  • and appropriate connections to ideas from outside of class.

Students are expected to post writings that follow guidelines set by the faculty. Posts should be written using complete sentences, and proper grammar (and avoid slang). Posts should also take advantage of the “multi-media” functionality of the web by including appropriate hyperlinks, images and videos. Media “borrowed” from other individuals should link back to the original source when possible and should always include credit to the author/creator.

Quizzes & Self-Evaluations Quizzes and/or Self-Evaluations will be given throughout the semester testing students on the content. This will cover major vocabulary and specifics of code syntax/grammar.
Exercises & Tutorials Students will need to complete weekly exercises/tutorials related to the content in order to build their technological knowledge and implement the course projects.
Course Website The class website hosts all pertinent course information, and should be referred to when needed. The syllabus and schedule are available as downloadable PDFs and as a web page. Readings are hosted on the site.
WordPress Site You will be required to create a WordPress site to document your journey in this class. The site environment will also be used as testing and implementation of a Content Management System interface for your ideas, concepts and skills.