Credit/No Credit Grading Option

As part of The City University of New York’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, all students shall have the option to convert any or all of the (‘A+’ to ‘F’) letter grades they earn in their classes, during the Spring 2020, to Credit/No Credit grading.

Flexible Grading Policy on CUNY Site

You will automatically earn a grade in the class (‘A+’ to ‘F’) but you have the option to opt into the Credit / No Credit Grading Option.

Credit/No Credit Policy FAQ on CUNY Site

Before choosing this grading option for one or more of your classes, please consult with your academic and financial aid advisors regarding potential impact to your financial aid, licensure requirements, and graduate school admissions.

  • Students will be able to make this decision up to 20 business days after the University’s final grade submission deadline or the date of actual grade posting, whichever is later.
  • A passing letter grade (‘A’+ to ‘D’) will convert to ‘CR’ with credit for the class being awarded, while a failing grade (‘F’) will convert to ‘NC’, with no credit awarded.  Credit/No Credit grades will not impact the student’s GPA.
  • Students with Credit/No Credit grades will be able to transfer those courses across colleges within CUNY, per current policy.
  • This policy will override all program-level grading policies currently in effect at CUNY institutions, including those related to courses within the major, pre-requisite courses, honors courses and maximum number of credits that a student can earn with Credit/No Credit grades.
  • The grade glossary, attached to each transcript, will be updated to include a notation denoting that Spring 2020 grades, including CR or NC, were earned during a major disruption to instruction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Parallel, BCC has established May 14 as the last date for students to request pass/nc/fail and May 28 as the last date to submit the grades.

Course Withdrawal Period:
Last Day to Drop with a Grade of “W” Thursday, May 14, 2020 
Incomplete Grade: 
Students who were attending class and successfully delivered most of the course work but due to adverse circumstances saw their grades drop, can request an Incomplete to improve the work and consequently the final grade. Please read more.



The credit hour value of a course is determined by the number of hours per week for which the course is scheduled to meet during a regular semester. In general, one credit hour is given for each hour of class (lecture-recitation) per week and one-third or one-half credit hour for each hour per week of laboratory or courses where outside preparation is less extensive. Note that, in general, students should expect to spend two hours working on course-related projects and assignments outside of the classroom for each one hour spent in class.

Grade points are obtained by multiplying credit hours by the quality points corresponding to the letter grade earned in the course. For example, a grade of “A” in a three-credit-hour course would give a total of 4 quality points x 3 credit hours = 12-grade points. A grade of “B” in the same course would give a grade point total of 3 x 3 = 9 points.

The grade point average is obtained by dividing the total number of grade points earned in all courses by the number of credit hours attempted (withdrawals are not considered attempts). If all grades are “A,” the index would be 4.0; B = 3.0; C = 2.0; D = 1.0; F = 0.0.

For information on Grade Points, Credit Hours, and more visit the catalog here.
Here is a GPA calculator: