Class 10


F 04/03

Theory: Prototyping
Design: Responsive Layout
Technical: Digital Imaging + HTML + CSS
Practice: Mock-up + Implementation

For Class

Project 2: My Footprint Develop the digital mock-ups for the computer (1140 px wide) and phone (320 px wide) interfaces keeping in mind how the site structure, typographic and graphic elements will be organized in boxes and consequently the html-css structure.

    • Watch ALL the videos in this series !
    • Your aim is to define the boxes, elements and styles in order to get ready to develop the HTML+CSS.
    • For next class you will need to have digital mock-up for all the pages along with the graphic and typographic elements, color, and number of boxes.

Remember the sizes:

In Class

For Home

Project 2: My Footprint Implement the interactive mock-up for the web and phone versions using hot links.