Course Requirements

This class relies on in-class and at home assignments, projects, skills exercises, group discussions & critiques, demos, individualized instruction, visual presentations/lectures, assigned research & readings, written responses, self-assessments, on-line course supplement, and online student portfolio (course ftp storage and personal WordPress site) In order to succeed in this class. You are expected to:

In order to succeed in this class you are expected to:

  • Attend ALL classes on time, complete assignments on time; participate in class critiques & discussions.
  • Dedicate approximately five hours of work per week in addition to class time to complete assignments.
  • Have access to a digital camera,
  • Have regular access to a device with Internet connection to follow the course content online, post to the course discussion board on Blackboard, access UI applications, maintain your e-portfolio and BCC e-mail account.
  • Check the course site –, and your BCC e-mail regularly!
  • Keep up with tutorials, readings and postings, self-evaluations, course evaluation and participating on a final assessment.
  • Have a BCC e-mail account and be able to access it regularly. When contacting your instructors via e-mail, you should use your BCC e-mail address.
  • Access and maintain a E-portfolio site.
  • Access to UI tools and applications..