Class 2

class2F 02/07

Theory: Visual Communication
Design: Review + Layout + Unity
Technical: Grid + Digital Imaging
Practice: Research

For Class

  • Go through Tutorial 1 | E-portfolio to create an E-portfolio account and set up a new site.
  • Post your E-portfolio URL to the course Blackboard Discussion E-portfolio URL
  • Work on item 1 for Project 1: Worst of Web researching a “Really Bad Site”.
  • Create a new page on your E-portfolio site and post the URL of the “Really bad site” along with an image for the bad site,
    . Write how the site makes you feel.
    . Why makes you feel like that?
    . What are the principles being broken?
  • Post the link to the bad website along with the answers for the three questions into a new page in your E-Portfolio. Make sure you have a list of at least 5 reasons why it is that bad according to the Principles of UI Design.

In Class

At Home