UI Design Development

Initial Planning

Define project’s issues, objectives and solutions. Create a detailed set of design and technical specifications. These specifications serve as a roadmap for the rest of the interface design process. It is the basis for the project’s proposal and budget.

Information Architecture | Site Map

“Information architecture is the creation of a structure for a website, application, or other project, that allows us to understand where we are as users, and where the information we want is in relation to our position. Information architecture results in the creation of site maps, hierarchies, categorizations, navigation, and metadata. When a content strategist begins separating content and dividing it into categories, she is practicing information architecture. When a designer sketches a top level menu to help users understand where they are on a site, he is also practicing information architecture.” 


Wireframes are your first chance to visualize your website. While they’re not nearly as detailed as the final site will be, they give us a visual representation of the site’s overall layout.

Copy & Graphics

Copy and graphics should be researched, planned and developed to inform the site mockup development but also to influence the site’s final design. This step can be revised until the final stages of the interface development. Image research, development and optimization.


Digital mock-ups visually represent the site information architecture and design utilizing copy and graphics as close to reality as possible. Mock-up navigations and functionality are added to give a full sense of the interface usability and potential..


Develop and implement the site’s technical components. HTML, CSS, JS, and other components needed to develop the site.


Once the site is finalized it needs to be tested for performance and reliability. Site loading, responsiveness, and speed, reliably performance on all web browsers and mobile devices.

Deployment & Optimization

Once we’re sure that your site is ready to be released to the public, it needs to be deployed to the public domain. Monthly support includes site backups, scripts and plugins updates, maintain security and reliability, and perform layout and content updates at your request.