Project 1 | Assignment 5 | Prototypes


  • Demonstrate basic understanding of UI (User Interface), UX (User Experience), Navigation and Interactivity in the design of user-friendly menus and navigation systems.
  • Use fundamental composition, color, and typographic principles effectively in the design of aesthetic and functional layouts for the web.
  • Demonstrate intermediate understanding of pixel-based imaging and resolution in the production of mockups and web images.
  • Apply understanding of digital imaging for web in the successful integration of images into web design.


In Assignment 1, Worst of the Web, you identified a site that had several UI Design issues and articulated, based on the UI Principles what the issues were.

In Assignment 2, you developed a proposal, site map and wireframe to help you get familiar with the content and plan your information architecture such as site map and menu navigation, and define how the content will be organized in the pages through wireframe sketches

In Assignments 3 and 4 you expanded your understanding that UI Design is a complex process with many different parts (workflow), in Assignment 3, you will develop the he design for four (4) pages for Web in Adobe XD. You were also asked to do Tutorial 2 | Adobe XD Steps 1 to 4 in order to familiarize yourself with XD and develop the needed skills to create the pages in the application.

In Assignment 5 you will expand the UI Design Workflow by improving your designs and linking the different pages and elements to create a the dynamic prototype. Make sure to do Tutorial 2 | Adobe XD Step 5 to learn the skills to develop prototypes in XD.


Design, Design, Design! Establish a Grid! Focus on Typography, Color and other Graphic Elements insuring that your assets (buttons, images, icons, favicons, etc) are consistent and promote Unity in the design and establish Visual Hierarchy.

I suggest you design this first sketch using Monochromatic Color Scheme and once the design is tight you explore Analogous or Complementary Color Schemes to enhance Emphasis and Focal Point, establish a stronger Visual Hierarchy and reading and interactivity Accessibility. Use this Color Calculator to help you define the colors based on the color schemes (also called Color Harmonies).

Explore the different resources below:

Assignment Value:

4 points

Grading Criteria:

In Blackboard, under Work Submission / Assignments / P1. Assignment 5 post the link to your XD Project 1 | Assignment 5 with the pages/elements linked plus jpg or png images of the eight pages. All four pages for web should be linked, and all four pages for mobile should be linked.

  • All four (4) pages for Web linked in XD – 1 pt
  • All four (4) pages for Mobile linked in XD – 1 pt
  • Screenshot of the web pages prototyped – 1 pt
  • Screenshot of the mobile pages prototyped – 1 pt