Grading Criteria Your final course grade will be an average of 100-point scale based on the following:

Assignment Points
Postings, Quizzes & Self Evaluations 10
Exercises & Tutorials 30
Projects 60
  • Each of the assignments will be evaluated according to a specific list of required criteria given to you with the assignment.
  • Class participation and in class productivity portion of your score will be based on promptness, your participation in discussions and critiques, and in class work ethic (ex: no parallel talk, no cell or electronic devise usage, no ipod listening, or working on anything not related to class work, disappearing from class, etc…)
  • Readings do count. Evidence of reading should be visible in blog posts, projects and class discussion. Failure to carefully read will impact these components of your grade.
  • Student grades will be negatively affected by late assignments, poor attendance (including arriving late and leaving early), and lack of participation or preparedness.
Course Participation This is an in-person class and it is important that you arrive to class on time & prepared. Each class you will be learning a new concept and/or technique. When you miss a class it means that you do not learn an essential design concept or skill.Late arrivals and early departures are disruptive to your peers and yourself and affect your class participation.

If you miss class, it is your responsibility to obtain any missed handouts, information, and assignments from the course website:

Once you have reviewed the class content and homework for the missed day, e-mail or text your instructor with any questions.

You will be expected to turn in any assignments that were given on their assigned due date, as well as keep your digital portfolio up to date.

This means that if you are absent, the following class you must turn in the work that was due on the date of your absence and the new work that is due that day (this also applies to your E-portfolio assignments, not only projects and exercises).