Content Overview



Assignments unravel over the course of the semester and are an opportunity to put the ideas/concepts/skills discussed in class into action. Students will complete two interconnected projects and several tutorial exercises to improve their UI design skills
Exercises & Tutorials Students need to complete weekly exercises/tutorials related to the content in order to build their technological knowledge and implement the course projects.
Quizzes & Self-Evaluations Quizzes and/or Self-Evaluations will be given throughout the semester testing students on the content. This will cover major vocabulary and specifics of code syntax/grammar.
Course Website The class website hosts all pertinent course information, and should be referred to when needed. The syllabus and schedule are available as downloadable PDFs and as a web page. Presentations, Videos and Readings are hosted on the course site.
E-Portfolio Site Postings You will be required document your journey in this class by posting to E-portfolio and Blackboard.