Digital Portfolio Objectives

  • Manage your work digitally.
  • Scan/photograph, store and organize your work.
  • Create an electronic portfolio with all the artwork you produced in this or any other class.

Project Development

In order to set up your portfolio site you first need to create a WordPress account.
Go to and follow the tutorial Create a WordPress Account.

You will use this blog as your e-portfolio throughout the semester. Use the theme titled “The Twenty Seventeen Theme” for your site – you may title your site anything that you would like. If you are experiencing any issues with creating the site or adding content, first refer to the links within each section of this page. WordPress also has a help page. If you cannot find the answer, let me know and I will help! Do not stress over your WordPress portfolio.

Type your WordPress URL address followed by “/wp-admin” to see the Dashboard as shown in the video below. Example:

Pages to Add:
Add a picture of yourself.
Write a paragraph about yourself.
Art 87 | UI Design:
CUNY Bronx Community College
Art 87 | User Interface Design | Prof. Claudia Jacques
Ref #  45268 Tuesday | Fall 2018

Post a link to your WordPress URL to the appropriate Discussion Board.

How to Add Content & Images in WP:

Each week you will add the photograph studies to the corresponding project page in your WordPress site.  photographs . Scan or photograph your completed project each week at 300ppi. Then “edit” the UI Design page: add the image. Documentation of your projects needs to be professional and should only contain your actual design – do not include the wall, thumbtacks, bedspreads, or the floor.You will also add the assigned writing on this page each week. Writings will be 150 word self critiques on the project you handed in (unless otherwise noted). You will refer to the provided guidelines and your textbook to incorporate design vocabulary learned for the specific project. Label each writing assignment with the project number and name. It is recommended that you first complete this in Microsoft Word and then paste it into your blog, this way you avoid any accidents from occurring! Computers have a funny way of freezing or crashing at the wrong times. All writing should utilize correct spelling and grammar.

For more helpful tutorials, visit

Total 5 Points

Created WordPress site – 1 pt

Shared site with Prof. Jacques – 1 pt

Uploaded all parts of Project 1 – 1 pt

Uploaded all parts of Project 2 – 1 pt

Uploaded all finished tutorials – 1 pt